Persona che fa un corso di e-learning

Designing inclusive e-learning to support digital transformation


Multinational utility company with a large and extensive network of operators.

This large company, like many others, is rapidly evolving, as a result of digitalisation. Software affects every aspect of the business.

The company needed to reskill the staff and include people in different branches and roles. Practical and prompt access to training was needed.


Digital transformation is now based on the application of new methods in software development to support operational and business processes.

The company has adopted Agile methods (CRUM) and DevOps to accelerate the creation of new tools. Working groups are based on “sprints” with fast cycles and they quickly adopt the results from their development.

The training of operators who will use these new tools and software procedures must be implemented in real time, promptly and effectively.


We created e-learning courses on the basis of the same approach and the Agile method that were applied to develop the application software. The software use cases and the actual use in different contexts were the assumptions to conceive the e-learning, working in cooperation and jointly with the teams of the “fabbrica software”.


The training of operators, i.e. the users of the new tools and procedures, was implemented in real time, consistently with the progressive releases of the relevant functionalities.

Pragma Group is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.