Deep roots

Our path as corporate training company is deeply rooted; as a result, we are able to identify, interpret and, often, anticipate change in training and knowledge sharing at corporate level. Our history shows this intertwining of expertise and vision. Here it is.

Insight since the start

We started out as corporate training company at the end of the 80’s. In the mid-90’s, scenarios started to change and Internet was launched. We immediately identified the opportunities that the network could offer in terms of remote training and ICT solutions supporting corporate processes.

Growth and innovation

This insight has been the engine of our growth. In 2002, we opened a new office in Milan and we extended our action, adding international projects, new partnerships, an increasingly large team and increasingly innovative solutions.

In 2011, we moved to Trieste and started a lab on the developments of digital knowledge and artificial intelligence in Area Science Park. This is how we laid the foundations for even more ambitious projects.

Acknowledgements on skills and innovation

In 2012, we founded Intoote, a start-up specialising in the design and development of chatbots, built on the research we had been carried out since 2007.

In the same year, in the framework of the ImpresexInnovazione competition, sponsored by Confindustria, our project, LARA Conversational Agent, received the ICMT Information Communication & Media Technology Award. In 2013, we received a special mention from ImpresexInnovation and Premio dei Premi from the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers.

For consistently pursuing strategies based on the central role of innovation and for the skills to design innovative international projects, obtain the relevant funding and have these projects approved.

In 2019 MyCoaching project for TIM, developed with our digital platform, DIVE Immersive Change, received the special mention for PRISM AWARD of ICF (International Coaching Federation).

For the innovation in how to support people empowerment with a customised digital learning programme and coaching.

2020 - into a new decade
Innovation for a learning experience

Today, we keep innovating, day after day. We have developed digital platforms for specific needs. We have invested and implemented customised solutions on training, development and facilitation. Our objective is to support the growth of our customers, helping them to enhance their excellence skills and their digital skills and to be always close to people who work, learn and communicate even remotely, when on the move and when working from home.

Pragma Group is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.