A team resulting from the contamination of diversified expertise and skills

We have sound skills in psychology and cognitive sciences; at the same time, one of our distinguishing features is the ability to pool together a team with advanced technical skills in the technology and digital design area, with a corporate and interdisciplinary background.

Maria Rita Fiasco
Founder, Learning & Engagement Director
Oriana Cok
Partner & CEO
Sabrina Mogliè
Partner & Administration Manager
Marta Ceccotti
Chief Operation Officer
Silvia Pallaver
Learning & Communication Manager
Mirella Porfido
Digital Learning Specialist
Stefania Cucchiara
Instructional Designer
Margherita De Giorgi
Service & Instructional Designer
Filippo Bua
Digital Platform Manager
Martina Lavagnini
Learning Designer & tutor
Elisa Gandolfo
Graphic and Motion Designer
Caterina Bardi
Multimedia Developer & Instructional Designer
Stefano Coluccia
Project Manager & Trainer
Lamberto Bizzarri
Graphic & Multimedia Developer
Paolo Alfieri
Graphic & Multimedia Developer
Stefano Norcia
Software Engineer & Developer
Massimiliano Michetti
Instructional Designer
Alessandra Nunes
Project Manager & Trainer
Roberto Gilli
Researcher & Innovation Consultant
Paolo Teoducci
Innovation Manager
Serena Baldassarre
Coach, Trainer, Assessor
Franca Mora
Coach, Trainer, Assessor
Alessandro Pegoraro
Coach, Trainer, Assessor
Valeria Clerici
Trainer, Assessor
Pragma Group is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.