In the heart of international research and innovation

Research and innovation: for us these are daily challenges and opportunities. Exchanges with different people, cultures, languages, companies and scientific organisations add value to our work.

We are based in a key hub for European research and innovation. At Area Science Park in Trieste, we experience a unique setting resulting from the exchange and contaminations between diversified areas and skills.

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Promoting training and inclusion through technology

Promoting science, a sound digital framework and a creative approach to technology with a leading role for users: this is the basic assumption of our many partnerships, focussing on women, children and teens; in these areas, inclusion and growth are based on an awareness-oriented use of technology tools.

These are some of our partnerships.

We work with

Training, development and mentorship to reduce inequalities
Manager training and coaching
Digital communication and training for the public administration
Management consulting & Event Live Communication
Digital transformation, Web Intelligence
Learning technologies and software development

Our action in the community area and social innovation

Mentoring in schools, digital education for teachers, families and students
Mentor in the WEP - Women Empowerment Programme
Cooperation in scientific actions and initiatives to promote gender equality and inclusion
To reduce the gender gap and develop STEM skills for girls
Instructional Designer Academy for training of professional operators in the e-learning sector, co-financed by ESF
Jury member for the award for the regional competition of schools, as representative of the corporate sector
We have adopted the manifesto of digital sustainability which inspires our daily work and it is consistent with our ethical code
Event on corporate social responsibility, supporting the actual implementation and promotion of the principles included in article 3 of the Italian Constitution

Our network

Agreements and scientific partnerships
Affiliations and partnerships
Pragma Group is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.