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People work together every day on our growth and development. Synergies, interviews, events: many videos on our world.

Stories of women, science and life

The gender gap in STEAM is a cultural and social challenge in terms of equal opportunities, equality, participation of women in the economy and in society.

[We Area] The history of Gruppo Pragma

“We Area” includes stories of entrepreneurs and researchers at Area Science Park. In this video, we talk to Oriana Cok about Pragma Group.

What’s an e-coaching platform?

In this video, Maria Rita Fiasco describes DIVE, the e-coaching platform of Pragma Group.

Fablab journey

Fablab: a project to capture innovative ideas.

Maria Rita Fiasco: presentation of Coaching Expo, opening and presentation of the event

Maria Rita Fiasco – Chairperson of Pragma Group – presents the event on the notion of Closer&Beyond.
This notion sums up the objective of Pragma Group on the use of digital tools to support people and companies in their growth.

Gian Maria Zapelli: coaching dilemmas, when coaching alone is not enough

Building on his 30 year experience on coaching and development with primary Italian companies, Gian Maria – Partner and Scientific Director of Learning & Engagement in Pragma Group – provides an overview beyond coaching. When coaching is not enough to cope with the most challenging changes, the sturdiest opposition, long-standing routines, connecting and enhancing clinical psychology and neuroscience in a brave, practical and innovative vision for those who design learning. In his speech at Coaching Expo, he describes a new model to diagnose any possible change, pointing out dilemmas on coaching that sometimes have no solution.

Oriana Cok: remote working, Gruppo Pragma corporate case

Pragma Group, a company specialising in Corporate Digital Learning, introduced remote working for its employees back in 2009. Oriana Cok describes procedures, opportunities, issues and advantages of the agile work in a SME.

Marta Cecotti: humanism and technology, the challenge of the future

EESTEC Talks 2 Conference of 15/04/21, speech by Marta Ceccotti and Davide Bartole, Pragma Group.

Our view of research and innovation

In this video, the Chairperson and CEO of Gruppo Pragma explains the meaning of research and development for the company.

Pragma Group is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.