Next to you, with digital tools,
to explore new horizons.

We empower the development of people and organisations
to harness new future and inclusive opportunities.
What we do

We support your company all along your paths to growth

We provide your organisation with effective and customised solutions to help you grow.

We provide advice to design training, develop learning contents, create digital platforms in order to share knowledge and enhance your processes and this is how we raise to any new challenge.

We specialise in Corporate Digital Learning. Since our foundation, we’ve chosen digital tools as a leverage for our training projects. This results into accessibility, inclusion, flexibility and sustainability in every project.

Digital since the very beginning


These are the two pillars of our activity and this is what we offer thanks to a multidisciplinary team who can provide technology skills and personal development training.

Technology and psychology


We do not apply standard solutions: we have the skills and the resources to develop a targeted response to your specific needs.

Customized projects


We provide solutions enabling you to achieve your objectives. And we do that with premium projects and a highly professional team combining knowledge and skills in different areas.



The tools we use to support you

We are a company with a fully digital basis. We implement targeted projects to support people and organisations through change. We combine neuroscience and digital technology to foster learning processes by being close to learners and providing constant support and facilitation.

These are our platforms.

Dive is the leading e-coaching platform in Italy. With customized plans and a constant relationship with the coach, it triggers concrete changes in the organisations that want to enhance people development.

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Spot takes micro-assessment into a digital platform. New skills and professional excellence are acquired as a result of the exchange and the support of the coach.

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Near You enables customised counselling on-demand. It provides a targeted and practical psychological support based on constant dialogue with the counsellor, through listening and suggestions.

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Everyone has a hidden dream. We Walk is the new platform of Pragma Group prompting you to achieve your training project, supporting you at each step of the way.

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Digital for

E-training, e-coaching, micro-assessment and counselling: solutions on digital platforms to trigger change and engage many different target audiences.

Digital for

Team agility, executive and team coaching, leadership, mindset and efficacy: changing the company and its mindset with the support of a targeted training.

Digital for

To ease the daily work of virtual teams and to create – on-line, hybrid or blended – events fostering communication, engagement and sharing.

Pragma Group is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.