Managing effective and engaging hybrid events


The pandemic, in large and small companies alike, has highlighted how important digital communication is to keep in touch.

In internal communication too, this distributor of technical products has adopted new methods and media to create significant connections with its team, implement the leadership and provide support.

This is especially true when change must be communicated and employees must be engaged to raise to new challenges and achieve new targets.


The company is going through a crucial shift of transformation and growth.

The new strategic plan innovates the organisation, its processes, its operational procedures, adding new managerial roles and new competences.

The purpose and vision shaping the new plan must be communicated to employees and agents. The path that has been taken and the long term vision must be described with simple words so that steps towards the future can be taken all together.


Together with the Management Team, we designed and staged an hybrid event, with an ad hoc storytelling and a detailed facilitation. We connected a location equipped with a three-dimension virtual setting and people from home or from their offices remotely. The event was instrumental to:

  • Provide a wider overview of the business scenario and context and customers in the pandemic and post-pandemic era.
  • Present the new strategic plan and the new organisation, highlighting values, targets and the inspiration guiding the future.
  • Involve and engage employees and agents to design the steps and the actions for transformation together with the leaders.


We leveraged on the potential of different integrated digital platforms; with a specific direction and a proper facilitation of the actions from the virtual setting and remotely, we implemented an event that was otherwise impossible.

We went beyond the webinar format and we created an engaging relational and participation experience connecting several dozens of peoples in real time.

Pragma Group is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.