Persone che collaborano per una cultura aziendale innovativa

Creating a continuous corporate innovation-based approach


High tech multinational companies whose employees are mostly highly qualified millenials. Operational processes are highly automated, the turnover is high; the know-how is dispersed and the innovation potential from the creative contribution of people may be jeopardised.


Continuous innovation is an unavoidable need to achieve grow.

A fundamental strategic leverage can be used to foster the most appropriate conditions: keep up energy and curiosity among the staff, capture their contributions in their daily work.

A favourable environment must be created where people are free to express themselves, they are practically motivated to suggest ideas and solutions, without any fear to fail. The skills of an innovation-based mindset must be developed on the basis of an attitude open to change, courage, collaboration, ability to act and achieve results.


A project that has been conceived to engage employees in a path that has been co-created with them, to help them to “leave a mark” and to sow the seeds of innovation. At the same time, the path has developed their soft skills, which are fundamental for personal and professional development.

A training path based on the innovation mindset and openness to change, to boost creativity, empowerment and fast action.

With action learning, gamification and a contest of ideas, we have supported participants to explore their ability to innovate and design, activating relations and involving corporate units and stakeholders.

The digital platform was the digital space where participants found the relevant material and a library of contents, mentorship areas, individual and team activities, a forum and a chat to share ideas.


A new mindset was created in the company on the basis of innovation, research and a new way of thinking and acting integrating the empowerment of people and standardised processes on the basis of a virtuous approach. Innovative ideas to apply to daily work were identified. There ideas were presented to colleagues and managers to collect feedbacks and foster an innovation mindset. An international jury of corporate managers assessed and awarded the ideas that were later included in projects and operational processes.

Pragma Group is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.