Immersive change | Dive

Digital environment for personal change

More aware of one’s role in the company; more efficient in the use of tools and applications; more effective in time-management, in communication and in sales approaches, but also more determined, creative and visionary: Dive untaps new development opportunities for companies and organisations.

For individuals, personal and professional growth, this is an opportunity that is untapped as a result of the support of a coach who is always close to you and helps you with a practical plan, customized on the basis of your personal and professional objectives. 

Triggering practical, sound and real change

Perseverance is needed to change habits. Dive, thanks to the boost of the coach, notifications and  micro-learning activities, supports people who, day after day, develop new abilities, grow and make the organisation grow.

Additionally, companies choosing Dive receive regular monitoring reports on the progress of the activities and the commitment of people to change. Everything in full compliance with confidentiality, training and coaching ethic principles, data protection and any applicable regulations.

Why choose Dive?

Co-designed with the customer, Dive supports the corporate development process at each step of the way. It may include the corporate competence model or it may include specific as a starting basis for developing individual improvement targets.

Continuous learning

With training sessions and daily tips, it triggers practical and long-term changes.

Collaborative approach

Management of different profiles, guiding individual and team coaching. Additionally, corporate teams can work together on personal development, including the coach of the customer or the HR tutor.

Digital and personal

Coachees can access  when they like, anytime and anywhere. It can be integrated with corporate platforms, including SinglesSignOn systems, to enable individual access and monitoring. It can also be customised in terms of visual and graphics, becoming a corporate digital space of the organisation.


It enables the integration of additional learning material from the corporate e-learning platform (SCORM objects) or resources in the network.

  • Neuroscience and digital technology to make coaching and mentoring accessible to many more people, keeping up quality and effectiveness.
  • Always close to learners, provides individual help.
  • Continuous monitoring of the process.
  • Agile support and training where recipients are located, everywhere and anytime, with customised contents.
  • Digital tools support the whole process and enabling coaching and mentoring scalability.
  • Different roles and target groups can be managed in one environment, with customised support.
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