Personal tuning | Spot

Reshaping routines and behaviours

Spot takes micro-assessment into a digital platform. A coach is always available sharing progresses,  and receive a boosting and obtain material supporting skill development and change.

Identify, change and keep up change

In Spot, together with the coach, you will identify the contexts where routines are no longer effective. Coachees aim at focussing and observing their behaviours, developing different and more performing routines in a range of operational scenarios. Together with the coach, monitoring on changes is performed to enhance and reinforce new behaviours, keeping them up in the long term.

Why choose Spot?


The digital platform enables constant support to coachees. Additionally, large or widely distributed targets can be reached.


Direct one-to-one meetings: assessment and coaching methods are combined, enhancing clarity and focus on change.

Long term

The nudge to improve behaviours is continuous to forge spontaneous excellence routines that are kept up in the long term.

  • Support for the introduction of excellence routines in the most demanding cases.
  • Continuity in the nudge to fine-tune behaviours.
  • One-to-one meetings: assessment and coaching methods are merged
  • Focus on behaviours that need to be empowered.
  • Micro-assessment to reshape routines and reinforce sound behaviours.
  • Constant monitoring on the commitment and on new routines and behaviours.
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