Keep growing | Near You

On-demand individual counselling

Feeling less lonely, be supported, be more motivated: this is the objective of Near You, our on-demand individual counselling. Conceived to provide support in the pandemic emergency, it may be adapted to any settings requiring targeted psychological support.

For people, Near You is an important tool promoting and fostering a better balance and development in personal and family contexts. For HR managers, companies and organisations, it’s a benefit that may be offered to improve settings and foster engagement and contributions in the corporate framework.

Practical and targeted support resulting in tangible advantages

Near You is a platform offering the help of a counsellor, supporting individuals with a targeted approach, on the basis of dialogue and suggestions to improve situations and the quality of life of individuals.

The platforms includes the option to launch an asynchronous chat with the personal counsellor or to book a video-call for individual sessions, selecting the relevant topics

Why choose Near You?

Digital counselling offers real closeness and more opportunities and easy access to the service, enabling support anytime and anywhere.


There’s the option to talk to one of our counsellors or with the psychological consultant of other companies or associations that the company may choose.


The platform can be connected to the corporate Intranet and it has a “repository” of useful resources, such as short readings, check lists, exercises, and videos. It can also be integrated into the platforms of welfare services.


It can be accessed from a range of devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.).


The platform includes user management and the monitoring of the aggregated service data for quantitative and qualitative statistical reports. Everything in full compliance with confidentiality, data protection and any applicable regulations.

Pragma Group is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.